Solid Precast Walls

O’Reilly Concrete’s precast solutions are widely regarded as an economic, structurally sound and architecturally versatile form of construction.

‘Total Precast’ combines the benefits of rapid construction and high quality materials with the advantages of factory controlled production lines and quality assurance.

The use of O’Reilly total precast in a structure offers fast construction, structural stability and enhanced fire resistance. A wide range of options are available for creating the perfect system to achieve the size and shape of building required.

Solid Precast Walls

Our precast walls are available as solid walls or insulated walls up to 400mm thick. Our panels have a mould finish on one side with the option of ‘Trowel Finish’ or ‘Power Float’ on the opposite side depending on the client’s requirements.

Precast wall panels offer a superior thermal performance to blocks or bricks.

Advantages of Solid Precast Walls

  • Design flexibility
  • Rapid build solution
  • Durability and sustainability
  • Fire retardation: concrete is a non-combustible material providing a higher degree of fire resistance than most other building materials
  • Low sound transmission
  • Speed of erection

Technical Details