Columns + Beams

O’Reilly Concrete’s precast columns and beams provide a flexible solution to the structural component of any project.

Precast columns and beams can be used for a number of applications from parking structures to the structural framework of high-rise commercial buildings.

They are manufactured with high-strength concrete creating a strong and durable product with no need for extra fireproofing

Columns + Beams

Our columns are available in both ‘single floor height’ and ‘double floor height’ allowing rapid building on site.

All columns and beams manufactured by O’Reilly Concrete are bespoke and can be designed to suit any application.

Advantages of Precast Columns and Beams

  • Unlimited flexibility in design, shape and application
  • Extreme durability compared to alternative building materials
  • Fire retardation: concrete is a non-combustible material providing a higher degree of fire resistance than most other building materials
  • Work well with other precast components, eg. wall panels and hollowcore flooring
  • Provide a clean, finished look for the structural component of the building

Technical Details