Architectural Wall Panels

In 2021, O’Reilly Concrete announced the opening of our new Architectural Wall Panel manufacturing facility in Taghart, Shercock, Co. Cavan.

The new AWP facility is manufacturing bespoke architectural walls panels, designed by our in-house design team, that will include brick faced precast panels, coloured rendered finished panels, along with other bespoke finishes.

Therefore, the construction phase on site can be reduced by up to 50% with a very small crew needed compared to traditional build methods. The walls are flexible in design as slots for windows and doors can be accommodated by request.

Architectural Wall Panels

The wall panels pictured can be manufactured as single skin panels connected to the structural frame or as a sandwich wall panel, consisting of an outer layer of precast concrete with the desired aesthetic finish, followed by insulation sandwiched between the inner concrete structural layer.

Advantages of AWP

  • Energy efficient & Fire Resistant
  • Reduced on-site labour requirement
  • Increased quality control in a factory-controlled environment
  • Buildings can be brought to a weather tight status much quicker
  • Very little on-site waste generated
  • Fully integrated structure and external skin system
  • No scaffolding required

Technical Details