Ecolite Block

Barleystone Ecolite Masonry Blocks are the perfect Lightweight Thermal Solution for wall construction.

Available in standard 7.5N the EcoLite Block maintains excellent load-bearing and longevity properties. We manufacture to the highest quality standards. All blocks produced by Barleystone are Category 1 and are manufactured to level 2+ Factory Production Control I.S. EN771-3 and the NSAI Quality Management System I.S.
EN ISO9001.

Raw Materials: Milled Sand, Pumice Stone, Ecocemâ„¢ GGBS Cement. Manufacturing process: Hydraulically pressed

Manufacturing Standards: IS EN 771-3

Density: 1545Kg/m³ – Ecolite Blocks have a very low water absorption rate and the drying shrinkage values are considerably below BS 6073:Part 1

Technical Details