Precast Stairs

O’Reilly Concrete manufacture both stairs and combined stairs and landing units which have a smooth, quality finish, to suit most combinations of architectural design.

Our modern methods of production enable components to be provided most economically. Special requirements can also be accommodated to suit the individual needs of the designer.

Precast concrete stairs and landings together with lift shaft units and walls give complete system for our precast stair core units.

Complete precast stair cores can be designed and manufactured for schools, residential and industrial buildings.

Precast Stairs

Easy installation and speed of erection combined with high quality of finished surfaces makes precast option very attractive for contractors and designers.

O’Reilly Concrete precast stairs are cast vertically in a steel adjustable mould which gives perfect steel mould finish on all sides of the precast flight. Riser dimensions are fully adjustable to suit architect’s design.

Apart from standard precast stair flight, O’Reilly Concrete manufacture special products like precast terrace steps and complete precast systems for spectators’ stands.

Advantages of Precast Stairs

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Instant access between floor levels, which improves overall efficiency and safety on site
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Speedy installation reduces labour on site and eliminates temporary propping
  • Fire retardation: concrete is a non-combustible material providing a higher degree of fire resistance than most other building materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be produced at standard or adjusted lengths

Technical Details